Between Body and Mind

I met Makhib Gladstone when he was a student at the School-Studio of the D.V. Brusnikin Moscow Art Theater Workshop with other actors from his course. I saw these young and nonconformist actors performing on the training stage and immediately saw a bright future ahead for them. The whole troupe graduated as an independent theater and changed the way Muscovites approach modern theater itself. After a few years of performing at independent venues in the capital of Russia, "Bruskinitsy, ’’ as they have been labeled by the press, got a residency at the Praktika Theatre in 2017. Makhib Gladstone is an actor, a producer, and is debuting as a director. This winter, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow hosted the premiere of the play "The Shadows Of The Great Ones Confuses Me," based on the Nobel Prize-winning speech of Joseph Brodsky. For MAKE-IT-UP, Makhib talks about his relationships with his body and the importance of taking care of it, and Depuis ce Matin has captured a certain intimacy of his ritual.

written by MARK PRESTON

photography by  DEPUIS CE MATIN


My relationships with my body are complex and have changed as I have grown. At school, I did not accept my body and never liked anything about it. All attempts to play sports failed. I was bored with sports until I discovered running. As a teenager, I suffered from breakouts of acne that lasted up to when I was 25. I learned how to take care of my skin throughout the years, knowing what it needs. I’m aware of what kind of food makes me swell up and what kind of inflammation I get, and of course, trying to avoid all these sharp objects helps. The way my skin looks today is the result of daily hard work. Now I’m a regular at the gym, watching my nutrition and looking my best. At the same time, I accept and respect all body manifestations, I do not believe in any kind of norms or standards. As an actor, my body plays a big role and I use it as an instrument. I work with my hands, feet, face, and my psyche, which I consider to be also a part of my body. I need it to be moderately flexible and fast.


My morning routine starts with brushing my teeth right after waking up, then a shower or bath, and applying my face and body care products. I also never cheat on applying SPF on my face. In the evening, it’s basically the same story, but it’s a little more important to cleanse the skin thoroughly while preparing for sleep and also using products such as acids to renew the top layer of the skin. In the morning, I wash my face just with warm water, and apply the Follow the Light by Allies of Skin, or a Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask. For my showers, I use soft body cleansers like Le Labo or Comfort Zone. The next step is the Exfoliating Body Scrub by Clarins. After, I nourish my body with Le Labo Body Oil to moisturize and soothe. The aromatic component of my routine is important to me. Next up is RejudiCare Synergy’s Skin Cleanser Facial Toner, my favorite moisturizer. Super Serum Advance+ is a must for me, and I finish up with Sensai Radiance Cream.



VETIVER 46 Shower Gel and Body Oil 

— Le Labo



I’m a beauty junkie and obsessed with expensive, high-quality products that do the job. My selfcare not only comes with a philosophy of improving my appearance but also with being concerned for the environment and sustainability. But this was not always the case, everything comes with education, self-care included. I have a whole arsenal for caring for my body, face, legs, and intimate hygiene. I love bath oils that dissolve in hot water and do not leave a greasy film on the body. I love to sunbathe and work on my tan using special products. The most important part is cleansing my body. I have become a pro at it.


I take skincare advice from professionals who are working closely with the beauty industry, experts in wellness, and my dermatologist. Without her, I couldn’t live! I’m so grateful to her for those endless consultation sessions where she answered all my skincare questions.


I feel the most still when I take a bath or have breakfast. I also like daytime naps, they bring me balance. I also love to meditate, burn incense and candles, and practice yoga. Or watching Netflix sometimes helps me unwind at the end of the day.

"I would define beauty as an inner harmony with yourself and a sense of your value and usefulness."


Something that inspires me daily to be healthy and centered is life itself. Life is beautiful, and I am so grateful that an unknown hand took me out of the darkness and gave me a chance to "complete" and be in this life. Being healthy and active is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

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